Kick-off week of the
MathAmSud project

MATHematical methods for GEOphysical flows

Open to all members of the community that might be interested.

International Coordinator:
Denisse Sciamarella  (CNRS)

National Coordinators and funding institutions:
Argentina:  Juan Ruiz  (MINCYT)
Chile:  Axel Osses  (CMM)
France:  Denisse Sciamarella  (CNRS)
Peru:  Alejandro Paredes  (CONCYTEC)
Uruguay:   Mónica Fossati  (ANII)

Additional funding institutions
MEAE & INRIA (France)

July 10th - 13th 2018
Centro de Investigaciones del Mar y la Atmósfera
Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences
Buenos Aires

Project description.
The project’s goal is creating a scientific consortium on mathematical methods for studies of ocean and atmospheric dynamics, with a focus upon innovating approaches that remain underexplored. The strategies include adapting geometrical, topological and/or differential constructions from Topology and Dynamics of Chaos for time series analysis, as well as exploring systems built from large-scale stochastic representations. Concerning applications, the strategy to test the new methods is to run heuristic diagnostics on flow data, and point out similarities between features of the diagnostics and observed flow patterns. Each participating institution provides specific know-hows, either in mathematical techniques or in collecting and analyzing data. Contributions encompass theoretical procedures to extract Lagrangian Coherent Structures from trajectory data, measurement campaigns combining in situ and satellite data, high resolution computing, the application of nonlinear dynamical systems theory on direct Lagrangian measurements, and the development of original stochastic frameworks to represent large-scale flow dynamics or low-dimensional deterministic models.

Preliminar program of activities:
The meeting starts on Tuesday at 14:00 at the DCAO meeting room, with a brief presentation of the project’s activities and funding by the international coordinator.
Each national coordinator/ representative will present activities developed by his team, in talks which will all take place at the DCAO meeting room.
The Colloquium will take place as usual at Aula 8-DCAO. Scientific talks are scheduled as follows:

18-MATH-04 Tue-10 Wed-11 Thu-12 Fri-13

On Wednesday’s DCAO Colloquium, the three visitors from South America:

  • Axel Osses (Chile),
  • Alejandro Paredes (Peru) and
  • Michelle Jackson (Uruguay)
will present a tripartite talk for the scientific community in Buenos Aires to get acquainted with topics and projects being developed at each institution. Contents of the three contributions will be detailed soon.

List of local participants:

  • Martín Saraceno,
  • Matthieu Jonckeere,
  • Guillermo Scheffler,
  • Gisela Charo,
  • Charlotte Buisine,
  • Lucía Curto,
  • María Eugenia Dillon,
  • Natalia Tonti,
  • Ramiro Ferrari,
  • Paula Maldonado,
  • Juan Ruiz,
  • Denisse Sciamarella

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